Employee Testimonials

Pinnacle College provides a supportive workplace culture. The following testimonials provide an indication of what to expect if employed at our school:

It is a rare thing to find a workplace where you feel a sense of community and family.  Where you are surrounded by people who truly care about your wellbeing at work.  Where you are free to practice your faith and where diversity is not just tolerated but celebrated. Where you are valued for who you are, what you can contribute but also where you are encouraged to meet your full potential.  At Pinnacle I have found this rare workplace.  I feel enormously blessed to be part of this community and thank Pinnacle for continuing to value my work and help me grow as both an employee and as a person. – Barbara, Learning Support Officer

Since beginning work at Pinnacle College I have nothing but good things to say. It’s always a little daunting starting a new job and the people you work with are the ones who can make it that little bit more comfortable. The teachers and coordinators have been amazingly helpful and willing to assist where they can, support staff are always happy and offering help and guidance, the management team is always approachable and understanding, every encounter with people working here has been a pleasure, from the front office personnel to the librarian to our tech guy. There is a great sense of diversity and community and working together to achieve the best outcomes overall for the school. I’m grateful to have been given this opportunity and look forward to the future. – Hannan, Community Hub Leader

While starting a new job can sometimes be overwhelming and full of the unknown,  joining Pinnacle College is not. From the first day, you are made to feel as though you are a part of a community where mutual respect is of the utmost importance. I am so grateful to have started work at a place where I feel valued for my experience, my knowledge and my cultural background. The teachers, parents and students have all made me feel very welcome and I am sure that will be the experience of others. – Reem, Primary Teacher

Pinnacle College is a place that feels like home, a community that values the sharing of ideas. At Pinnacle your ideas are valued, your creativity is nurtured. In almost 10 years of working with Pinnacle I never felt alone while in times of stress or happiness. We love the people working at Pinnacle and will always give you a warm welcome.  – Raza, Secondary Teacher

I have only been working at Pinnacle for a very short time and everyone has made me feel so welcome. From the teachers, ESO’s, volunteers, leadership, students and all other staff. I haven’t worked in a school before where you feel welcome and a part of the team from day one. Nor had I worked somewhere before where people go out of their way to introduce themselves and tell you that they are excited to have you working there. – Merridy, Health and Physical Education Teacher

For me Pinnacle is not just a school, it feels like a home environment. I feel that fellow staff are friendly and approachable, not to mention the Principals who are very supportive and always have their doors open. – Maysa, Learning Support Officer

I have had significant opportunities for career advancement at Pinnacle and have enjoyed working alongside such dynamic and positive staff. As a Pentecostal Christian I have found the Pinnacle community welcoming and accommodating towards me. – Eric, Secondary Teacher

Pinnacle College is an extraordinary place to work, as a team member I experience the best of the best every day. We sustain, uphold, and exhibit innovative excellence in teaching and learning. We are refined, worldly, multicultural, intelligent, dedicated, passionate, united, proud, esteemed, and respected in every step we take executing and navigating the greatest, inspiring, and challenging vocation in the world, TEACHING! – Christina, Learning Support Officer