School Governance/Board


Membership to the school is open to staff and parents of students who declare their acceptance of the Aims and Objectives of the school. The governing body is responsible for working with the school to ensure that it delivers a high standard of education. There are three general meetings held each year. Pinnacle College is managed by the school board which is elected at the Annual General Meeting of the School Association and is governed by the constitution.

The school community

The principal is appointed by the school board and is responsible for the day to day operation of the school. The school is staffed by teachers with suitable academic qualifications and are registered or authorised by the Teachersā€™ Registration Board of South Australia. All teaching and ancillary staff are appointed on the basis that they are committed teachers and administrators. There are standing sub-committees to advise the Board on finance, educational matters, grounds and buildings, and social and publicity matters. Parents are encouraged to be a part of these committees. The school encourages parents to participate in the operation of the school, both in its day to day activities and the education of their children. Parents are urged to meet with the teacher or approach the principal when a matter of concern arises. Parents are expected to be involved in school activities, to the greatest degree possible.

School Finance

The school is financed by school fees, donations, government grants and fundraising.

Building Fund

All families with children enrolled at the school are required to contribute to the building Fund. The amount of contribution is set each year by the board with the assistance of the Finance Committee. Voluntary contributions to the building fund are tax deductible, (the invoiced contributions are not).

School Fees

The school fees at Pinnacle College have been structured to be very affordable, bringing private school education within reach of the widest possible sector of the community. School fees are set each year by the board and are payable in various ways.
Current fees are availableĀ here

Fee Remissions or Postponement in Special Circumstances

In special circumstances where meeting fee schedules become difficult, the school may be able to offer flexible arrangements. Please contact the administrator as early as possible to discuss options. Families needing to pay by installments must complete a Fee Payment Plan, indicating the process to meet their commitments according to the agreed schedule. There is no additional charge to parents to have this arrangement. Where families are absent for periods of time e.g. extended holidays, normal fee charges apply. The school board has an obligation to manage the school on sound economic lines and any emissions have to be considered in the light of this obligation.