Teaching at Pinnacle

Teaching staff at Pinnacle are united by a guiding philosophy of teaching based on fostering the individual talents of each student. We provide an inclusive, vibrant and positive learning environment.


Teaching approach and objectives:

  • To provide a core curriculum that leads to the development of age appropriate skills, concepts and critical thinking.
  • To encourage students to develop talents and explore individual areas of interest through developmentally appropriate projects and experiences.
  • To encourage the use of technology to facilitate learning and communication.
  • To understand individual learning styles and to employ effective lesson and design strategies for teaching and learning.
  • To use the resources of Adelaide and its surrounds to enrich the curriculum and to develop an awareness that learning takes place beyond the classroom.
  • To work collaboratively with parents and caregivers to enhance the development of their child’s learning.


 Pinnacle College teachers are committed to:

  • Nurturing trusting relationships with students.
  • Setting challenging and purposeful learning objectives.
  • Utilising diverse and effective teaching strategies.
  • Modelling creativity, innovation and responsible risk-taking.
  • Encouraging growth of individual gifts and abilities.
  • Celebrating growth and perseverance.
  • Modelling integrity, ethics, and justice.
  • Developing critical thinking skills.



Contact Us


Main Campus:
10 Anderson St Elizabeth East SA 5112

Gilles Plains Campus
52-56 Wandana Ave Gilles Plains SA 5086

Ph : 08 8367 9022
Email : elizabeth@pinnacle.sa.edu.au
Web : www.pinnacle.sa.edu.au