Principal’s Welcome

Dengiz, ZekiDear Students, Parents and Caregivers

 Since its establishment in 2005, the primary aim of Pinnacle College (formerly known as Burc College) has been to provide a base that would help students to recognise their potential and become the leaders of tomorrow.

We have established this base on the pillars of love, tolerance, and understanding. Our mission is to create the world with no room for fear of the unknown, misconceptions or misunderstandings. If we can equip our students with such values through education and the enlightenment of the hearts and minds, we would then fulfil our responsibility to new generations and contribute to the future of Australia.

At Pinnacle College, we have developed a school environment that is conducive to learning in all aspects of life. Within a very short period of time, our diligent and compassionate staff have greatly contributed to the academic excellence shown by our students. A diverse and challenging curriculum that meets the needs, interests and further enhancement of students’ abilities has greatly advanced their learning.

However, academic excellence alone has not been the only area of focus at Pinnacle College. We understand the importance of balance and work to develop students’ social maturity through involvement in various extra-curricular activities. Our dedicated staff has worked closely with students to help them reach their full potential in many areas.

In the last two years, Pinnacle College has invested heavily in the transition to E-Education. All our classes are equipped with Smart Boards. Also, this year we have integrated the iPads into lessons. The online English and Maths learning system is still continuing intensively. During our pre-enrolment process, the online test completed by potential students gives information about the child’s condition thus helping us in further planning. Therefore, our students learn easier and quicker.

The PINNACLESIS system that has been introduced  has brought together, online, students, parents, and teachers. Communication is much faster now, giving information about the student’s improvement instantly. This allows us to address any learning needs sooner.

The construction that started at Pinnacle College is nearly complete.  In coming years, we will be talking about our successes in university.

In this five-year period, the point to where Pinnacle College has come would not have been possible without the huge support given by our parents. We thank you very much for the support you have given and for trusting in us.

We are and will be using all our facilities and opportunities to make a school exceptional in safety and in its quality of education, that will soon have Pinnacle College renowned for its achievements.

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