Enrolment Process



The first stage of the enrolment is to contact / approach the College to express your interest in enrolling your child.




All the students on the waiting list are invited to sit an entrance exam and an interview. Students who meet the minimum education outcomes of Pinnacle College are then invited for an interview with their family.




The interview is a critical part of the enrolment process. One or both parents must attend  with the child. Interviews are an invaluable opportunity for Pinnacle College to find out about the family and the child to discuss their suitability to the school culture. It is an important opportunity to learn about the school ethos and management and an opportunity for parents to discuss any special abilities or needs of the child. Past reports and documents indicating past academic achievements must be brought to the interview.

If an interpreter is required for communication with the parent/guardian(s), please inform the front office in advance.




Applicants who have successfully passed the entrance exam and the interview process will be contacted with an Enrolment Offer for a place at Pinnacle College. Unsuccessful applicants will also be contacted.

Factors determining offer of placement include the student’s ability to benefit from Pinnacle College’s program (entrance exam and interview) and  date of application.




In order to confirm your child’s enrolment at Pinnacle College, it is the necessary to complete an Enrolment form  available from the Front Office. This form should be lodged with $55 application fee. School reports, birth certificate, and other documents are also required. Applicants are placed on a waiting list according to the date of receipt. It should be noted that placement on the waiting list does not guarantee a place.




Orientation days are arranged for children enrolling in Foundation in November. For further inquiries please contact

Admission Office
Hanadi Mehio
Elizabeth Campus

P: (08) 8367 9022
Email: hanadi.mehio@pinnacle.sa.edu.au




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